Application Designer Needed

September 8, 2009 — Leave a comment

…For a portfolio building project (ie. more for the experience than the $$).

Nikolas Green approached me with a pretty cool design project recently. Unfortunately, my plate is full right now, but I offered to help him find a designer who has a similar passion.

If you are an application designer, or aspiring web application designer, with a background or interest in personal fitness, please contact me. I am happy to work with you on the project, or introduce you to Nikolas.

Here is a short description of the product:

This application is a productivity application geared towards health professionals, specifically dietitians, nutritionists, chiropractors, and athletic trainers. It is a web-based, SAAS offering for this under-served aspect of the Health Care Process. The software includes multiple, complex modules where usability and interactivity is critical to the success of the product. As health care reform gains momentum, prevention has been a critical part of the debate. The productivity application will enable a preventative care process among its user base.

This project will probably include: initial IA work, wire framing, prototyping the designs, development specs.

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