BabyCenter’s My Baby Today App is Live

October 12, 2011 — 2 Comments

When my son was 4 weeks old, the product manager at BabyCenter, a Johnson & Johnson company, asked if my team could design their iPhone and Android apps for new parents. They already had a successful pregnancy app, but needed an application to support new parents. The mobile application would be called My Baby Today and provide helpful resources and checklists for new parents.

Since I had used BabyCenter’s web site and mobile app throughout my pregnancy and found it very helpful, I was excited and flattered to work on this project. This first version has the baby basics, and I hope the see more features added soon. The app is available for iOS today- Oct 12- in the App Store.

2 responses to BabyCenter’s My Baby Today App is Live


    I am currently pregnant and was wondering why us blackberry ppl have been excluded from baby centers mobile apps 😦 is there any way around this?


      BabyCenter started with apps for the iPhone, and just released an Android version last year. I think the main driver for which Operating Systems to support (iPhone and Android over BlackBerry and Windows) is research about which phones most Baby Center members have. I am sorry, I know it is hard to get good apps for BlackBerry :o(

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