Designing for Android 3.2 & 4.0

March 5, 2012 — Leave a comment

Here are some excellent resources if you are designing an Android smartphone application for Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich.


  • My Mobile Design Pattern Gallery has hundreds of screnshots from iOs, Android and other OSs. I also posted a presentation of The Best Android Apps
  • After spending months compiling screenshots for the book, I just found this rockin’ Tumblr site with hundreds of screenshots specific to Android, Android Niceties
  • 150 Top Andorid Apps, Editor’s Pick. Note, not all of these have a great UI, but it is definitely worth browsing
  • As stated, AndroidPttrns is a shameless copy of, the site that catalogs iOS screenshots. Android Pttrns don’t have a lot of material yet, but I’m sure it will grow over time.

Pattern Libraries


  • Zurb’s excellent OmniGraffle Stencil
  • Android 4.0 PSD
  • High Density PSD from Teehan + Lax, June 2011
  • Stencil for Visio- Nope can’t find one. I’ll say it again, the Visio community needs to get it together and starting making high quality stencils and sharing them. If you know of a Visio stencil for a current version of the Android OS, please comment and share.
  • Keynotopia for prototyping. I have bought and used this bundle for iPad prototyping and it works well. I haven’t tried it for android apps yet.
  • Glypish Icons are really useful for low and high fidelity mockups
  • User Interface Design Guidelines

    Android Design

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    Presentations & Videos

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