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Last week I had the opportunity to speak at the Mobile UX Summit along with Josh Clark, Brad Frost and some other inspirational guys. My talk was a case study of Silvercar, a start-up we led the UX design for last year. The talk explores how and why we took a Mobile First approach to the design part of the project. It also illustrates the process and deliverables for each stage in a cross-channel UX design project. 

I’m going to re-record and post the audio as well in the next week.

Android users can now pay with PayPal at Starbucks.

I’m really excited to see this product come to life. We worked with PayPal on the early concepts for mobile payments at Starbucks.

Early ideas required Starbucks customers to open the PayPal application on their iPhone to pay. This Android experience is more natural, allowing customers to simply refill their Starbucks card with PayPal, within the Starbucks mobile app.

Here are some excellent resources if you are designing an Android smartphone application for Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich.


  • My Mobile Design Pattern Gallery has hundreds of screnshots from iOs, Android and other OSs. I also posted a presentation of The Best Android Apps
  • After spending months compiling screenshots for the book, I just found this rockin’ Tumblr site with hundreds of screenshots specific to Android, Android Niceties
  • 150 Top Andorid Apps, Editor’s Pick. Note, not all of these have a great UI, but it is definitely worth browsing
  • As stated, AndroidPttrns is a shameless copy of, the site that catalogs iOS screenshots. Android Pttrns don’t have a lot of material yet, but I’m sure it will grow over time.

Pattern Libraries


  • Zurb’s excellent OmniGraffle Stencil
  • Android 4.0 PSD
  • High Density PSD from Teehan + Lax, June 2011
  • Stencil for Visio- Nope can’t find one. I’ll say it again, the Visio community needs to get it together and starting making high quality stencils and sharing them. If you know of a Visio stencil for a current version of the Android OS, please comment and share.
  • Keynotopia for prototyping. I have bought and used this bundle for iPad prototyping and it works well. I haven’t tried it for android apps yet.
  • Glypish Icons are really useful for low and high fidelity mockups
  • User Interface Design Guidelines

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