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Here are the slides and material from the 1 day class I gave for Door64 in Austin.

Class description:

  • User experience expert Theresa Neil will guide you through the latest mobile UI design strategies: Responsive web, Optimized sites, Native apps, and Hybrids.
  • Study the most successful mobile implementations in the market today (and some of the worst). Learn the merits and pitfalls of each strategy.
  • Get to your mobile solution faster by learning the best practices for layout and navigation.

In a nutshell, the first 45 slides look at the mobile strategy options and explains each, the next 150+ slides deep dive into the four options: responsive, mobile optimized sites, native apps and hybrids.

I pulled shamelessly from Luke W, Ethan Marcotte, and Rachel Hinman’s books and articles to create this class, and am in debt to these great designers for sharing their mobile  know-how.

I will soon be presenting this class for Udemy if you missed the Austin talk!



Android users can now pay with PayPal at Starbucks.

I’m really excited to see this product come to life. We worked with PayPal on the early concepts for mobile payments at Starbucks.

Early ideas required Starbucks customers to open the PayPal application on their iPhone to pay. This Android experience is more natural, allowing customers to simply refill their Starbucks card with PayPal, within the Starbucks mobile app.

Just wrapped up a conference in Stockholm yesterday, DevSum12. Imagine my surprise to be on the front page of Sweden’s biggest Technical Magazine this morning.

Either my talk was riveting, or Computer Sweden needed more pictures of women in technology (or maybe both). Take a look at the talk and let me know your thoughts.

As soon as I have the links to the other speakers presentations, I will share those as well, including a great beginners talk on Node.js. I’m going to use Steve Sanderson’s sample files to get started with a little project of my own.

Get it for $20 on the O’Reilly site, format ePub, mobi or PDF. Please rate it and leave a review, I appreciate all feedback.

The print book should be available next week. I’ll be signing copies at SXSW @ 1:30pm March 13, at the Expo Hall.

Here are some excellent resources if you are designing an Android smartphone application for Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich.


  • My Mobile Design Pattern Gallery has hundreds of screnshots from iOs, Android and other OSs. I also posted a presentation of The Best Android Apps
  • After spending months compiling screenshots for the book, I just found this rockin’ Tumblr site with hundreds of screenshots specific to Android, Android Niceties
  • 150 Top Andorid Apps, Editor’s Pick. Note, not all of these have a great UI, but it is definitely worth browsing
  • As stated, AndroidPttrns is a shameless copy of, the site that catalogs iOS screenshots. Android Pttrns don’t have a lot of material yet, but I’m sure it will grow over time.

Pattern Libraries


  • Zurb’s excellent OmniGraffle Stencil
  • Android 4.0 PSD
  • High Density PSD from Teehan + Lax, June 2011
  • Stencil for Visio- Nope can’t find one. I’ll say it again, the Visio community needs to get it together and starting making high quality stencils and sharing them. If you know of a Visio stencil for a current version of the Android OS, please comment and share.
  • Keynotopia for prototyping. I have bought and used this bundle for iPad prototyping and it works well. I haven’t tried it for android apps yet.
  • Glypish Icons are really useful for low and high fidelity mockups
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    Presentations & Videos

    Had to whip up an OmniGraffle stencil for jQuery Mobile. I submitted it to Graffletopia, but it isn’t live yet. You can download it here in the meantime. Just put in the user name > Library > Application Support > OmniGraffle > Stencils folder and unzip.

    Another great resource to help in your mobile web design projects is the Glyphish icon library– free and inexpensive icons for your mockups.

    Happy new year! I’m excited to say our group is continuing to grow, not just with more clients and projects, but in our experience as designers. In 2011 we had the good fortune to lead the design forImage

    One thing that was common across many of these projects was the need for a comprehensive cross platform UX solution.

    So we’re offering something new this year, a complete design and development solution for classic web apps + mobile  web apps + installed apps for smartphones and tablets.

    We’ve pulled together designers and developers from our little group to build the UXpert Team. Our team includes:

    • a senior UX designer
    • a creative lead
    • 2-4 very experienced developers to code the user interface and provide integration support

    So if you have a project that needs expert help, our first opening is mid-January. Email me for details.

    Update: we are booked until fall (Aug-Sept) 2012.